Thursday, June 30, 2011

Welcome to the world, Georgia Mae

Georgia Mae Butler
God's plan was brought to fruition at 1:33am on June 30th, 2011.  Cricket's water was manually broken at 11:45am, which began immediate contractions.  By 12:15am, she went from 4cm to 10cm, and we actually had to "labor down" so the epidural could wear off enough for her to feel the final push.

Georgia was born naturally (with meds), weighing 6 lbs and 5 oz.  Let me assure everyone that the best sound I've ever heard in my entire life was the moment she cried in the doctors arms.  She is breathing on her own, which was one major concern of all of our specialists.  She was stable and admitted to the NICU by 2:30am Thursday morning. 

The birth could not have been more textbook perfect, and given Georgia's O, we are blessed to have the best case scenario so far.  The surgeons have even waited the morning to evaluate her, both to give her time to get fluids, to adapt to life outside the womb, and because immediate surgery was not necessary.  We both are aware that we are on the path to quite possibly a long road for Georgia, but God willing, we will have her home sometime soon.  More posts to come as emotions are processed.  Mom and baby are both exhausted and resting.  Cricket is doing well, and was absolutely amazing last night.  There is a reason God designed women to carry the children, because I can definitively say that there is no way a man could have accomplished what my wife did this morning.

God Bless,

The Butler Family

Saturday, June 25, 2011

His Plan, Our New Means

This is Brandon.  I will be taking over the 'blogging' to update everyone on the status of Georgia and Cricket as they carry out God's plan for this pregnancy.

June 23rd - Our appointment with Dr. Fassett revealed that Cricket has an elevated blood pressure (approximately 140/90) which is the threshold for high blood pressure.  Dr. Fassett ordered another urine test to check for Preeclampsia and any other abnormalities. At this point he tells us that we need to be prepared to leave for Los Angeles (Kaiser in Hollywood) at a moments notice.  Suddenly our focus was on all of the last minute items needing to be done and purchased.

June 24th - The next day I was running around like crazy at work getting ready to be gone earlier than planned, and Cricket having keys made, packing, and resting.  At 2pm we get the call to head to the doctors office to view the results of the urine test, to have a blood pressure test, and likely leave for Kaiser Sunset.  Cricket does have protein in her urine, which with the high blood pressure, means she does have Preeclampsia.  Lying in a wing of the hospital, all sings at this point are that we're on our way down south.

The first blood pressure test comes in at 132/88 which is high, the second (on her side) went down to prehypertension levels at 128/74.  Lynne, our local care coordinator, calls Dr. Fassett and is instructed to send us for another pressure test Saturday morning, and another urine test Sunday.  With each step, we're told to be ready to go.

June 25th - By this morning, we're both ready to be in LA.  My work has been great about allowing me to do some work remotely via laptop and aircard, the car is completely loaded, and we're ready for anything.

Of course, this means the blood pressure test is again high, but again we're not going to LA.  Our care team is amazing and keeping a close eye on the situation at hand.  Given Georgia's complications, extra care and consideration is being taken with the Preeclampsia.  The only cure for Preeclampsia is giving birth to Georgia.  We're nearly 37 weeks pregnant, Georgia is over 6 lbs, and we're as spiritually ready as we can get for the next month.

For now we rest, make sure we have everything ready to go, and prepare ourselves for a moments notice trip to being admitted full time.  Our back up plan is San Juaquin on 24th Street, but Lord willing we will be delivered where the surgeons are. 

Please keep Cricket and Georgia in your prayers, that they might understand God's plan in a way that brings them closer to His glory.  As for me, I can't wait to meet my daughter and hold my two favorite women in our home.

May God bless us,