Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Today is a Good Day

Tuesday was a special day for the Butler family.  Georgia's surgery was originally scheduled for 2:30pm, but was quickly moved up in the day and we found ourselves walking her to surgery around 10am.  Roughly 2 hours later Dr. Roman Sydorak came in with smile and thumbs up!  Her closure went well and he was even able to give her a belly button.  Among the good news was the revelation that she will not require an additional surgery when she's a toddler!  Praise God!  It was hard enough having my daughter, whom I've never held in my arms, go through so many surgeries - I could not go through it when she is a toddler.

The reset of the day our little girl was on the good stuff and slept most of the day, even when she opened her eyes it was clear she was under heavy sedation.  Cricket and I have developed a routine that makes the days go quickly, and having my work laptop has made it to where I can claim at least a few hours of work each day (such a blessing!).

This morning is Wednesday and we just received even more good news.  The pediatrician this morning is placing the order to remove the breathing machine and cathetor from Georgia, which we were told wouldn't happen for at least 3 days after surgery.  Our little girl is going to be such a fighter, we are already so proud of her!! 

The next step will be weaning the pain medication, monitoring bowel movements, and starting the feeding.  She has gained weight since birth and now weighs 6lb 12.5oz, so she's gained nearly a half a pound in the last week without even being fed!

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  1. yaaaaay!!! how wonderful!! McKinley gained weight after her closure surgery too.. we think it was due to the fluids from surgery and the fact that she didnt lose much blood! Our baby girls are QUITE the fighters! cant wait to see her belly button!!!!!! praying for little pain!!!